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This is Our Story

Our years of experience in both travel and yacht industries allow us to provide a first class travel experience. Global network of reputable partners and our passion for travelling, ensure that your trip is perfect from the moment you set sail!


We founded Younique Yachting to provide top quality service to clients looking for their next adventure. With over 15 years of work across the yachting industry and travelling around the world while using expertise in creating incredible travel experiences, we decided to build a business with a focus on customer satisfaction.

To offer the highest calibre of yachting and travel experiences, Younique Yachting takes the premise to work with the best partners, while providing unparalleled levels of client support. 

Our Network of Premier Yachting Partners

Experience allowed us to discovered which companies would be the best to partner with in order to develop long-lasting memories for clients. Therefore,  Younique Yachting only works with companies that use the best yachts, perform regular maintenance and safety checks, are customer-oriented, and can expertly navigate their destinations. 

Remarkable Standard of Client Service

To ensure that each client has their specific needs met, we offer 24/7 support that includes full preparation of the travel itinerary, step-by-step guidance through each phase of the trip, and coordination of the entire vacation directly with the charter on behalf of the clients.

We speak English, Spanish, Italian and German fluently, so we can provide expert travel services to clients across Europe and internationally!